Symbols of Theta Xi

Symbols are important to any organization for identification, pride, and shared symbolism. Theta Xi Fraternity is no exception, and our fraternity is rich in symbolism, meaning and tradition. The true meaning of these symbols is known only to true Theta Xi, and is revealed upon initiation into the bonds.

The Coat of Arms of Theta Xi

A shield of azure blue, diagonally crossed by a bend of silver which lies between a pair of balances and a sword arranged crosswise, above, and an open book below, all of silver, the bend being charged with three azure upright crescents.

Below the shield is the scroll carrying the public motto "JUNCTI JUVANT" and the Arabic numerals "62" on the dexter side, and "94" on the sinister.  Above the shield is an esquire's helmet of silver and the crest, a unicorn's head, in natural or bay color.  The unicorn's head rests upon a torse composed of twists of alternating azure blue and silver.

Coats of arms are used by fraternities because their secret meanings bind individuals together even though no blood relation exists.  Many distinctive features may be incorporated in a coat of arms but not all need to be present.  The parts of a coat of arms include the shield, which is usually the center of interest, and the can be of any shape.  The left side of the shield (as worn by an individual) is called the sinister, the right side the dexter.  The surface of the shield is called the field. The largest division in the field is the ordinary.  It was originally a sheet of metal or canvas placed across the field.  There were considered to be ten ordinaries, each with a special name.  The most common in fraternity heraldry is the bend.

The charge is a smaller emblem placed on the field or ordinary.  The helmet is placed above the shield.  The four kinds of helmets, in rank order, are the helmet of the sovereign or king; the peer or noble; the knight; and the esquire.

A crest may be placed on top of the helmet.  In medieval times a crest would be placed on the helmet of a combatant's suit of armor so that his followers as well as his enemies, would recognize him.  A coat of arms which includes a crest is usually considered to indicate leadership of superior standing because only a leader would need such a distinguishing characteristic.

The torse is a twisted, horizontal cord above the helmet and below the crest.   It rests on the helmet and serves as a foundation for the crest.  The mantling represents a flowing scarf or cloak frequently portrayed as a leafy design.   It usually originates at the top of the helmet and flows out around the shield.

The motto is usually placed on a ribbon or scroll beneath the shield.  Fraternity mottoes often are secret and represented by symbols or initial letters.

The Badge of Theta Xi

The Sacred Badge of Theta Xi consists of the Greek letter "Theta" superimposed upon the Greek letter "Xi," their geometric centers coinciding.  The elliptical part of the Theta is set with twenty graduated pearls.  A single stone, either a ruby or a diamond, is set in the bar of the Theta.

The Badge is to be worn with pride and great care; it should be worn on the shirt, slightly to the right and above the shirt pocket (2" up, 2" over).  The Badge is never worn on a collarless shirt, coat or other outer garment.  It is permissible to affix the Badge to a vest or sweater, provided it is worn over a collared shirt. The Official and Yale size badges are expressly for members only.

The Associate Member Shield

The associate member shield, produced in button form, is the same as the shield in the coat of arms, a field of azure crossed by a bend of white.  It should be worn in a fashion similar to that of the Badge.  The associate member shield does not carry any charges, indicating that the associate member has not yet met the qualifications of the Fraternity.  He will be entitled to use the complete coat of arms and wear the Sacred Badge of Theta Xi only after he has been initiated.

The Great Seal of Theta Xi

The seal, which is the corporate stamp for official Fraternity documents, is circular in form.  On top of its outer edge is the name of the Fraternity.  On the bottom of its outer edge are the Arabic numerals "6294" and the public motto "JUNCTI JUVANT."  Two stars separate the script in the upper edge from that in the lower.  In the center are the rays of the rising sun issuing from behind a Greek temple on the summit of a hill.  The Greek building is symbolic of the Greek-letter system; and its location on the hill, with the rising sun, stands for the high ideals of Theta Xi.

Flag of Theta Xi

The flag of Theta Xi is composed of three bars of equal width, parallel with the staff. The outer bars are azure blue, the center bar white. The upper half of the bar next to the staff is charged with the white Greek letter "Theta," the lower half of the outer bar with the white Greek letter "Xi," and the middle of the center bar with a unicorn's head in bay color.

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