Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Our Vision

Theta Xi develops an inclusive brotherhood to fulfill a lifelong journey committed to leadership and service.


Immediately following the 152nd Anniversary Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the newly elected Grand Lodge began a discussion about the future of Theta Xi. In that discussion, the members of the Grand Lodge recognized the value in undergoing a strategic planning process to lay the course for the fraternity for the next five years.

In February 2017, the Grand Lodge developed a member survey to capture the observations, needs, and desires of the membership. This survey was disseminated to all undergraduate chapter officers, chapter and colony advisors, alumni association officers, and alumni club leaders. National fraternity volunteers and Trustee of the Theta Xi Foundation were also invited to participate in the survey. The survey solicited information from 756 brothers, 213 of which responded to the survey questions (28.17% response rate). The survey asked brother about their Theta Xi experience --- what they are most proud of, what they believe to be the fraternity’s strengths, areas of opportunity, and concerns for the future of Theta Xi.

The Grand Lodge met in Indianapolis, Indiana on March 11, 2017 to develop a strategic plan for the Fraternity. Ginny Carroll, a consultant that has conducted strategic planning for other Greek organizations and non-profits, was engaged to lead the planning process. Grand Lodge members and Headquarters staff in attendance at the strategic planning meeting were:

  • James Pike, National President
  • Jeff Arnold, Vice President for Chapter Operations
  • Adam Schaffer, Vice President for Alumni Affairs
  • James Campbell, Director
  • Duane James, Director
  • Stephen Spedaliere, Director
  • Benjamin Fick, Undergraduate Director
  • Harrison Forder, Undergraduate Director
  • Tanner Marcantel, Executive Director
  • Dr. Phil Barrineau, Director of Leadership Development & Education
  • Emilee Danielson-Burke, Director of Chapter Services
  • Ian Pellerin, Director of Fraternity Growth

At their strategy meeting, the Grand Lodge used the survey data to formulate three strategic focus areas:

  • Establishing Organizational Resilience
  • Connecting Our Brotherhood
  • Creating Value Through Lifelong Engagement

These three areas provide the framework for advancing Theta Xi Fraternity through 2022.

Strategic Focus #1 - Establishing Organizational Resilience

Theta Xi Fraternity will build the foundation for organizational resilience by increasing membership and engagement AND strengthening undergraduate operations.

Key Focus areas:

  • Increasing average chapter size and number of successful colonies
  • Retaining current chapters through best practice sharing, targeted resources and enhanced chapter visitation program
  • Supporting Alumni Associations & Alumni Clubs by providing infrastructure, training, resources, focused events and recognition

Strategic Focus #2 - Connecting Our Brotherhood

Theta Xi Fraternity will connect our brothers through a shared identity, by maximizing communication, and employing relevant technology.

Key Focus areas:

  • Developing a shared and integrated brand identity and vision statement
  • Executing an organization-wide communications strategy to establish brand standards, recognized brand identity and a powerful social media presence

Strategic Focus #3 - Creating Value Through Lifelong Engagement

Theta Xi Fraternity will create seamless lifelong membership value for each brother from the time he becomes an associate member to the time he joins the Chapter Eternal.

Key Focus areas:

  • Celebrating life milestones, such as birthdays, graduation, alumni, marriage, fatherhood, advanced degrees, military service
  • Welcoming new/young alumni
  • Establishing an annual, unilateral service event
  • Integrating national and chapter programs and events into an overall leadership model

adopted by the Grand Lodge on June 21, 2017

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