Risk Management Assessment

Theta Xi Fraternity is committed to doing all we can as an organization to protect its members and its guests.  In order to ensure the responsible behavior of our members, a Risk Management Policy (see link on the right side of the page) has been established to educate brothers about all areas of concern on today's college campuses.  Safety and responsibility are a major element of member education and on going training from Theta Xi.

 Chapter Billing/Assesment

The chapter Risk Management Assessment (Insurance Coverage) is billed in two parts during the academic term, on October 1st and February 1st.

The fee paid to the National Fraternity provides each chapter/colony with:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Member Accident Protection Program
  • Fidelity Bond Coverage

The assessment is based on total chapter/colony size (total initiated and associated members) as of July 1st.  The cost varies each year based on the premium assigned Theta Xi by our insurance company FRMT, LTD.

The factors affecting insurance costs are as follows:

Credits are given for:

  • Dry House (30%)
  • Non-Member Live-In Advisor (20%)
  • No House (10%)
  • No Claims in the Last 2 Years (5%)
  • 0.2 Above the All-Male GPA - 1 Semester (5%), 2 Semesters (10%)

Surcharges are enforced for: 

  • Risk Management Violations:

o 1 (10%)

o 2 (50%)

o 3 (200%)

  • Claims

o <$5000 (5%)

o >$5000 (10%)

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