February 24, 2018

Brothers gathering at locations all across the country on the same day to meet, learn
and strengthen the Bonds of Brotherhood.

The curriculum for the Newell District Leadership Academies is for undergraduate officers (and aspiring officers) can attend two or three Academies during his college experience and learn valuable skills related to his leadership role in the chapter or colony.  The curriculum is chosen and developed around leadership development, communication skills training, and values education.

It is also intentionally designed to be as interactive and experiential as possible, allowing for a range of learning styles: small-group work, large-group debriefs, presentations, self-reflection, case-studies and debate.

All NDLAs will be held on Saturday, February 24, 2018.

NDLA Locations: To Be Determined

Bayou Hill –
Allegheny –  
Northeast –  
Southeast –  
Great Plains –  
Midwest/Ohio Valley –
West – 


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