Janus Scholarship

Benefiting the Alpha Sigma Chapter at Bradley University

In the summer of 2010, the Alpha Sigma Association of Theta Xi voted to establish a scholarship fund for undergraduate members of the Theta Xi Fraternity at Bradley University.  This fund is maintained by the Theta Xi Foundation and is made possible by the donations of members and friends of the Alpha Sigma Chapter.  This scholarship was renamed the Janus Scholarship to honor the extraordinary efforts of Brother Craig Janus, Alpha Sigma 803.

Scholarship Purpose and Criteria for Selection:

The Janus Scholarship serves to promote and recognize the scholarship, leadership, and chapter achievements of members of the Alpha Sigma Chapter of Theta Xi.  The scholarships are awarded on an annual basis each spring to students who will be returning the next fall term.  In the spring term of each year, students interested in applying for the scholarship for the coming school year are invited to submit a completed application. Selection of the recipient is made by the Scholarships Committee of the Theta Xi Foundation and are announced at the Alpha Sigma Chapter of Theta Xi Founders Day event and/or contacted by mail.

Scholarship selection criteria are listed below, in order of selection importance:

1) Brother in good standing 

To meet this requirement, the member must be current on all dues and rent monies owed to the Fraternity and have a signed lease to live in the chapter house for the school year that he applies for this scholarship. 

2) Scholastic Achievement

The primary selection criterion is the applicant’s academic achievement.  Applicants must have at or above a 3.0/4.0 cumulative GPA, which may be modified by the Theta Xi Foundation’s Board of Trustees under extenuating circumstances (i.e. Bradley University changes their grading scale).

3) Leadership Accomplishments

Leadership accomplishments include all activities, including positions held with the Chapter, University, Inter-fraternity Council, and the community.

In addition to submitting documentation regarding the above requirements, applicants are to submit a one-page essay, written as a thank-you letter to donors.  It should include a brief introduction, what they are working to accomplish through their educational experiences, how this will impact their life beyond the university, why they are the best candidate for this scholarship, and how the funds could help them achieve such goals.


2019 - Reid Chapman, Alpha Sigma 961 – ($3,000)
2019 – Gaudas Aleksonis , Alpha Sigma 969 – ($3,000)
2018 - Joseph Tarnowski, Alpha Sigma 960 – ($3,175)
2018 - Jordan Ingram, Alpha Sigma 962 – ($3,175)
2017 - Reid Chapman, Alpha Sigma 961 - ($5,000.00)
2016 - Matthew Mathius, Alpha Sigma 942 - ($3,850.00)
2015 - Trent Joseph Hootman, Alpha Sigma 935 - ($2,850.00)
2014 - Grant Colgan, Alpha Sigma 925 - ($1,900.00)
2013 - Andrew Potter, Alpha Sigma 926 - ($1,250.00)
2012 - Greg Fehlau, Alpha Sigma 913 - ($950.00)
2011 - Sam Emrie, Alpha Sigma 910 - ($800.00)

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