Grand Lodge

The Board of Directors of the Fraternity is known as the Grand Lodge and is composed of the National President, National Vice-President for Administration, National Vice President for Chapter Operations, National Vice President for Alumni Affairs and six Directors, two of whom shall be undergraduate members at the time of their election. The elected National Officers of the Fraternity are also be the officers of the Grand Lodge. All members of the Grand Lodge are members of Theta Xi Fraternity. The Grand Lodge is composed of the following members:

National President
James Pike, Alpha Zeta 550
Vice President for Administration
Stuart Manewith, Iota 1080
Vice President for Chapter Operations
Jeff Arnold, Alpha Eta 357
Vice President for Alumni Affairs
Adam Schaffer, Iota 1538
Jacob Bolin, Beta Pi 464
James Campbell, Gamma Pi 105
Duane James, Alpha Eta 477
Stephen Spedaliere, Beta Upsilon 240
Undergraduate Director
David Roachford, Alpha Nu 1078
Undergraduate Director
Harrison Forder, Beta Zeta 886
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