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Franklin Guild – Theta Xi Foundation’s Planned Giving Society

“I want to be useful” … many Brothers have said those words over the years.  As did our Patron Saint, Benjamin Franklin.  Over two hundred years ago he made an important decision. He drew his Will and left charitable bequests of $4,400 each to the cities of Boston and Philadelphia. In his Will, dated in 1789, Franklin stated “I want to be useful even after my death”. The funds were to be used to assist young men educate and establish themselves professionally.  The name and image of Benjamin Franklin has meant a great deal to our Brotherhood since he was adopted as our Fraternity’s “patron saint” in 1913 and we continue to use “Franklin’s example as one guiding star” because he was such a forward thinker.

Create your own legacy by becoming a member of the Franklin Guild

Established by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees in 1991, the Franklin Guild recognizes those Brothers and friends who provide for our future by including a bequest in their Will or establishing some other form of planned gift to benefit future generations of young men. In order to be recognized for Franklin Guild membership, just let the Foundation know that you have provided for a bequest or other planned gift to Theta Xi Foundation in your estate plan. Or, contact us to set up a gift annuity or another form of life income gift. In either case, there is no minimum gift amount.

Bequests can be in the form of:

•  cash
•  owned securities (stocks, bonds or other investments)
•  real-estate or personal property (works of art, equipment, etc.)
•  naming the Foundation as the primary beneficiary of a life insurance policy
•  part of a life income trust agreement
•  the residual of your estate

It is , however, suggested that you consult your attorney or tax counsel to help make the best decisions regarding your own estate and your wishes.

In addition to a bequest, other forms of planned gifts include:

•  a gift annuity
•  a charitable trust
•  a share of a life insurance policy
•  retirement plan proceeds

All of these planned gifts, including a bequest, provide you with tax advantages in addition to the ability for you to make a larger gift to Theta Xi than might otherwise be possible.

Sample Language for Wills and Bequests

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Foundation at or at (314) 993-6668.

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