Theta Xi Fraternity recolonizing Theta Chapter at Purdue University


Fall 2016   

March 29, 2016
Contact: Ian Pellerin, Director of Fraternity Growth

The Grand Lodge of Theta Xi Fraternity is pleased to announce, in partnership with the Theta Alumni Association, the Purdue IFC, and the Dean of Students staff, that Theta Xi Fraternity will return to Purdue University in the fall 2016.

A select group of men will create an exceptional Theta Xi experience with the strong support of Theta Alumni Association volunteers and Headquarters staff. Theta Xi will join a community of over 80 fraternities and sororities. The colony will offer an experience focused on unity, brotherhood, and values-based member development. This colonization will begin in Fall 2016 and will be led by Headquarters staff.

Purdue University is home to a large fraternity system with a supportive and highly engaged staff of student development professionals. The community is very proud of its heritage and its focus on the development of strong leaders and committed members.

Brandon Cutler, Assistant Dean of Students provided this insight into why the IFC selected Theta Xi. “We are very excited to see a strong interest from the headquarters and alumni stakeholders, and look forward to Theta Xi being a part of a community that meets and exceeds increasing standards.”

Theta Xi is committed to building All True Men who serve the greater good and do so with honor. Growth is a significant part of our strategic future and we are excited to see a successful return of Theta Chapter into the fold of the Fraternity.

Boiler Up!


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