Breen Scholarship

The John Breen Scholarship Fund, also known as the Breen Scholarship Fund was created by Brother Barry E Breen, AZ 551, upon the death of his son in 1995.  John Breen was born in Columbia and was adopted by Brother Breen when John was nine.  John attended Tehachapi High School and served in the U.S. Army after his graduation.  He contracted the very rare pneumonic plague in 1995; a cause was never determined, but the suspicion was that it was exposure to the bacteria while camping in the mountains.

Upon John’s death, Brother Breen, established the scholarship fund to provide a scholarship to a Tehachapi High School graduating senior each year, in perpetuity and in celebration of John’s life. Depending on investment return the scholarship can be significant, but at a minimum it is $250.  Brother Breen is the primary benefactor of the fund, together with contributions received from friends and Brothers.  The fund initially started with $25,000 which grows over time and in conjunction with return on investment.

In addition to providing a scholarship in memory of John, Brother Breen also took the opportunity to create an annual endowment gift to the Theta Xi Foundation which is one-half of the scholarship amount, at a minimum $125, every year.

The fund was be renamed the "Breen Fund” after the passing of Brother Breen in December of 2014. The fund now honors the memory of John and Barry.  Additionally, the recipient of the scholarship will be an undergraduate member in good standing at the Alpha Zeta Chapter at UCLA, selected annually by the Alpha Zeta Alumni Association, Inc. If the Chapter should ever cease to exist, then the Theta Xi Foundation shall define the scholarship recipient.  The Theta Xi Foundation has the scholarship and gift computation formula, which will remain unchanged.


Barry E. Breen, AZ 551                            John C. Breen

John Breen Scholarship recipients:

   2015 – Sara Gurule
   2014 – Savannah Moore
   2013 – Harli Smith
   2012 – Holly Garger
   2011 – Monica Tinajero
   2010 – Brittney Bakker
   2009 – Kaitlin Morgan
   2008 – Jill Pestana
   2007 – Madison Wood
   2006 – Kelsey Jepson
   2005 – Brandon Rooney
   2004 – Daniel Zahurdt
   2003 – Jeff Anderson
   2002 – Rebecca Zulueta
   2001 – Alex Castaneda
   2000 – Matthew Riddle
   1999 – Jennifer Rooney
   1998 – Michael White
   1997 – Michele Rooney

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