Annual Report for Accreditation

Accreditation is a mandatory process where chapters provide information to demonstrate that it meets certain minimum standards in nine different areas. The information provided through the report will be used to better understand each chapter’s status and can also be used to determine areas of operations where assistance is needed and/or resources should be added.

Chapter and colonies earn accreditation by meeting standards in no less than seven of the nine standards. Those standards are:

  • Ritual
  • Recruitment
  • Membership Development & Education
  • Scholarship
  • Finances
  • Chapter Operations
  • Campus Relations & Community Service
  • Risk Prevention
  • Alumni Relations

Chapters that meet or exceed seven or more standards, and submit a complete report by the deadline, are considered for national honors and awards. Those chapters meeting seven or more standards will be accredited for a period of one year. In addition, they will be featured in The Unicorn, on the Fraternity’s website, and a letter confirming their accreditation will be sent to local campus administrators.

National Honors and Awards

  • The Memorial Trophy is awarded to the top performing Chapter in Theta Xi.
  • Presidents Cup is awarded to the top 5% - excluding the Memorial Trophy winner
  • Benchmark Chapters comprise the top 15% of all chapters
  • Any chapter failing to meet the submission deadline will not be eligible for award consideration.

To see a complete list of National Awards CLICK HERE

Due Date 

All materials are due no later than May 1, 2018 for all chapters and colonies.

Three Step Process – Annual Report Submission

The submission process for the Annual Report to the Fraternity combines both the Accreditation materials and Awards submissions into one easy-to-complete format. The process also includes input from chapter advisors, alumni association officers, campus Greek advisors, and Headquarters staff, all of which assist in the accreditation and awards process. In this manner, one annual report fills several key objectives.

Let's Get Started! Following these three easy steps (in this order) will make the process simple and ensure you don't skip or miss anything.

STEP 1 - Download and print the workbook, the workbook can be found on the Resource Center in myThetaXi, and is an exact replica of the online submission form. Successful chapters and colonies use it to collect the information in advance of completing the online version.


STEP 2 -  Once you have all the information you need to complete the online submission, proceed to the online submission form at the link below. Here you will input all the answers from your workbook. All submissions are final.


STEP 3 - Email requested documents and any additional documentation/information to the email address below. All additional submissions must be emailed and timestamped by May 1, 2018.

Email materials to:
Emilee Danielson-Burke
Director of Chapter Services

If you have questions about the Annual Report for Accreditation or the submission process, contact or call 314-993-6294 x107.

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