Alpha Nine Core Program

The Education of Associate Members

Alpha Nine is Theta Xi's Membership Education Program.

Since the founding of the Fraternity and the initiation of Edward Morrison as Alpha 9, Theta Xi has taken very seriously the process of educating new members and making them brothers. We foster Theta Xi’s values among our members through education.  The Alpha Nine program was created for that purpose.

Named in Brother Morrison’s honor, the Alpha Nine program is a guide to help chapters educate their new members in all areas of fraternity life with emphasis on the Fraternity’s history, organization, and values. The Associate Member Core Education Program is the heart and soul of Alpha Nine, but in addition to the core program, Alpha Nine has many practical applications for ongoing education with the entire chapter.  Utilizing the entire Alpha Nine guide provides brothers with ongoing membership education opportunities that will benefit each member individually and the chapter as a whole.  Just as on that night in May of 1864, today we are all responsible for educating and holding each other accountable to our guiding principles and professed values. Utilizing Alpha Nine allows us to achieve that goal!

The Alpha Nine Core Associate Member (AM) Education Program divides the AM education period into eight parts, starting with the AM Ceremony (pinning) and concluding with the The Ritual Initiation Ceremony. Alpha Nine outlines six education sessions and a retreat that provide new members with a solid foundation in the Fraternity’s history, its values, the responsibilities of membership, leadership and service opportunities, and national and local chapter operations.  The Core Program is written as a facilitator’s guide and includes session outlines and the resources necessary to conduct each session. It also contains optional activities and ceremonies that can further enrich the AM period.

Alpha Nine Program located on Theta Xi Resources page.

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