1864 Club

Undergraduate Members are invited to join the 1864 Club!

Join today and support Theta Xi by giving back and becoming a proud member of the 1864 Club – the premier undergraduate giving program in Theta Xi.

In 2005, Theta Xi embarked on a Leadership Initiative that focused our attention on developing leaders who serve others. Our motto, “Juncti Juvant”, is translated to mean “United they serve.” We serve others not because we feel obligation, but because we know the true value in giving back. We believe that all men should be provided the opportunity to pave the way for others.

Our undergraduate giving program, the 1864 Club, is vital to the success and expansion of our leadership programs, and offers our undergraduate men the opportunity to start their giving legacy with Theta Xi in a simple, and yet powerful way. Voluntary gifts from Alumni are the primary source of funding for Theta Xi's educational programming. Alumni are impressed, and more likely to continue their financial support, when they see undergraduates step forward and make gifts to support Foundation programs like Presidents Academy, Rising Stars Academy and Newell District Leadership Academies.

Demonstrate your loyalty and appreciation by supporting Theta Xi. If you gave an 1864 gift last year, please renew your support today. Annual gifts maintain and strengthen our quality educational programs.

 Join the 1864 Club today by making a gift of $18.64 or more to the Theta Xi Foundation.




Donate today and receive the FOURTH collector coin for Samuel Buel, Jr., Alpha 5.  Donate each year to collect all EIGHT!

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